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About Us

Our mission is to help children deal with educational, emotional and behavioral challenges caused by a medical condition. Gleengo addresses these challenges and resultant emotions head-on, provides a sense of safety and comfort and prevents children from falling behind in their education and routines.

girl in hospital.jpg

One Day it happened.

Just a regular evening with the family turned into an idea, into research, into a huge fire.

Ever since that evening in early 2018, our lives changed. And hopefully, many families lives will change as well.

We started a journey combining the best of childhood with the best of technology, 

And every day we are creating magic.

We do not compromise on the quality of our system and of our product.

Our IoT system coupled with our therapeutic centered creative content is speaking to children in a developmentally appropriate manner. It explains, motivates and provides a sense of control using a fun and engaging approach.

We give superpowers to toys who give superpowers to children.

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